An inn or „Zájezdní hostinec„ as we call it in Czech, used to indicate a break in a journey before continuing on one’s way. I spent most of my life cooking in kitchens around the world until I realised that it was time to create my own place, and decided to hang up my cook’s spoon here. I believe that Zájezdní hostinec U Jiskrů is the perfect conclusion to my culinary trip. It’s also a reflection of our loyalty to traditional cuisine and I hope it will become a repeat stop and even a destination restaurant for our guests.

– Martin Jiskra, chef and business owner

The elegance of traditional cuisine…

The tradition of „zájezdní hostinec” in Kbelnice dates back to the 19th century when the inn offered food and lodging to travelers and their horses on the royal road from Strakonice to Prague.  In 2019 this historical tradition has been regenerated in the experienced hands of chef Martin Jiskra and his family. The restaurant is a testament to his lifelong world travels.

Let „Zájezdní hostinec U Jiskrů” become a memorable stop on your journey or even your destination, come on in and let yourself be spoilt! Whether stopping for a quick lunch, picking up a take away or sitting down to a relaxed dinner, we offer our guests a haven of traditional cuisine and hospitality. Our evening service has been specially designed to surprise and satisfy our guests with signature dishes like; hen in sweet pepper sauce, baked „sikulský” goulash, veal udder, pulled pork neck or pigeon. Chef Jiskra is passionate about Czech and Central European cuisine and skillfully revisits many of the region’s forgotten recipes.

We are passionate about our local ingredients. We do not waste, we behave in an environmentally friendly way and we respect mother nature’s efforts to give us the best. When deciding on the menu, we follow the seasons and draw on available produce. That’s why we keep the menu simple and concentrate on a smaller number of carefully thought-out dishes, which we change frequently. We try to use when possible quality products from the South Bohemia region and have established relationships with local farmers and producers to showcase their very best produce in our dishes.